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Pentacyclic Triterpenoids from Olive Fruit and Leaf

Guinda, Angeles, Rada, Mirela, Delgado, Teresa, Gutierrez-Adanez, Pilar, Castellano, Jose Maria
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2010 v.58 no.17 pp. 9685–9691
triterpenoids, olives, leaves, chemical analysis, phytochemicals, chemical composition, cultivars, plant extracts, triterpene acids, Olea europaea, food analysis, food composition
This work establishes a new procedure for the extraction and analysis of pentacyclic triterpenes, with which fruits and leaves from three Spanish olive cultivars (“Picual”, “Hojiblanca”, and “Arbequina”) has been studied. The leaf contains important amounts of oleanolic acid (3.0−3.5% DW), followed by significant concentrations of maslinic acid and minor levels of ursolic acid, erythrodiol, and uvaol. The abundance and profile of triterpenoids change during the leaf ontogeny. In the fruit, triterpenes are exclusively located in the epicarp at concentrations 30-fold lower than that in the leaf. Maslinic acid is the main triterpenoid, only accompanied of oleanolic acid. Along the ripening the levels of these triterpenes decreased. All the analyzed leaves and fruits come from the same agricultural estate, with identical climate and culturing conditions. For this reason, the found differences could majorly be attributable to the genetic factors of the olive cultivars.