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Distribution and in Vitro Availability of Selenium in Selenium-Containing Storage Protein from Selenium-Enriched Rice Utilizing Optimized Extraction

Fang, Yong, Catron, Brittany, Zhang, Yaofang, Zhao, Liyan, Caruso, Joseph A., Hu, Qiuhui
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2010 v.58 no.17 pp. 9731–9738
in vitro digestion, in vitro digestibility, selenium, dietary minerals, nutrient availability, food enrichment, enriched foods, rice, extraction, protein products, rice protein
Selenium (Se) distribution in Se-enriched rice and optimization of extraction for Se-containing protein were studied. Se availability in Se-containing protein product was simulated using an in vitro gastrointestinal digestion. The results showed that Se was predominately found as organic Se, whereas inorganic Se comprised only 2.85% of the total Se. The glutelin fraction contained the largest amount of Se, approximately 31.3% of the total Se in the rice gain. Utilizing orthogonal analysis, the optimum extraction conditions were selected at a volume to weight of 20:1, 0.08 M NaOH, an extraction time of 3 h, and at a temperature of 35 °C. A Se-containing rice protein product with 83.5% protein and 9.09 μg g−1 Se was sequestered using the optimal extraction method. This rice protein product with high molecular weight Se-containing protein can readily be digested to low molecular weight peptides and selenomethionine (52.3% of total Se in protein extract).