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Intra-species variations in yield and quality in Lathyrus species: 2. Dwarf chickling (L. cicera L.)

Larbi, A., El-Moneim, A.M.A., Nakkoul, H., Jammal, B., Hassan, S.
Animal feed science and technology 2010 v.161 no.1-2 pp. 19-27
forage legumes, Lathyrus cicera, forage evaluation, forage production, plant growth, flowering, pods, harvest date, forage quality, cultivars, chemical composition, crude protein, neurotoxins, yields, hay, straw, feed grains, strain differences, Syria
Variations in days to first flowering and pod maturity, as well as yields of hay, grain and straw and hay and straw concentrations of crude protein (CP), acid detergent fibre (ADFom), neutral detergent fibre (aNDFom), and in vitro organic matter (OM) digestibility (IVOMD), and grain CP and β-N-oxalyl diamino propionic acid (β-ODAP) among 25 dwarf chickling (Lathyrus cicera L.) accessions grown over five cropping seasons in north-west Syria were examined. Accessions varied (P<0.05) in days to flowering (81-88 days) and pod maturity (124-134 days), yields (kg/ha) of hay (2689-3385), straw (2873-3330), and grain (1357-1881). Concentrations (g/kg DM) of hay CP (172-198), ADFom (156-180), aNDFom (268-295) and IVOMD (741-779g/kg OM) and straw CP (65-75), ADFom (298-332), aNDFom (508-610) and IVOMD (512-568g/kg OM) and grain CP (295-311) differed (P<0.05) among accessions. Grain yield was correlated with days to pod maturity (r =0.63, P<0.001) and harvest index (r =0.65, P<0.01). Hay IVOMD and aNDFom (r =−0.84, P<0.01), and straw IVOMD and ADFom (r =−0.73, P<0.01) were correlated. Yields and quality of hay, grain and straw could be used to promising dwarf chickling accessions. In terms of yield and quality, dwarf chickling accessions 629, 632, 641 and 643 have better potential for hay and grain production in non-tropical dry areas.