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Recent developments in application of stable isotope analysis on agro-product authenticity and traceability

Zhao, Yan, Zhang, Bin, Chen, Gang, Chen, Ailiang, Yang, Shuming, Ye, Zhihua
Food chemistry 2014 v.145 pp. 300-305
altitude, climate, equipment, evaporation, farmers, food quality, foods, globalization, isotopes, latitude, markets, provenance, traceability, transportation
With the globalisation of agro-product markets and convenient transportation of food across countries and continents, the potential for distribution of mis-labelled products increases accordingly, highlighting the need for measures to identify the origin of food. High quality food with identified geographic origin is a concern not only for consumers, but also for agriculture farmers, retailers and administrative authorities. Currently, stable isotope ratio analysis in combination with other chemical methods gradually becomes a promising approach for agro-product authenticity and traceability. In the last five years, a growing number of research papers have been published on tracing agro-products by stable isotope ratio analysis and techniques combining with other instruments. In these reports, the global variety of stable isotope compositions has been investigated, including light elements such as C, N, H, O and S, and heavy isotopes variation such as Sr and B. Several factors also have been considered, including the latitude, altitude, evaporation and climate conditions. In the present paper, an overview is provided on the authenticity and traceability of the agro-products from both animal and plant sources by stable isotope ratio analysis.