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A comparative quality appraisal of finely comminuted batters produced using three types of knives

Krzywdzińska-Bartkowiak, Mirosława, Piątek, Michał, Dolata, Włodzimierz
Meat science 2014 v.96 no.1 pp. 429-435
batters, chopping, collagen, energy, fat globules, image analysis, knives, meat, rolls, temperature, viscosity
The aim of this study was to compare the work efficiency of three types of knives mounted successively on a knife roll of a cutter by evaluating the quality and structure of produced finely comminuted batters as well as power consumption and electric energy consumption during chopping. Experimental material comprised finely comminuted meat batters produced under commercial scale production conditions using smooth knives, knives with riffles and knives with holes. Parameters measured in batter included temperature, water, fat, free water, apparent viscosity, thermal drip and batter structure using computer image analysis.Computer image analysis showed that the best comminution and dispersion of fat globules in the protein matrix together with very good comminution of collagen fibres were observed at the application of knives with holes. Among the three types of knives used in the production of finely comminuted meat batters the best batter in terms of its quality and structure was produced using knives with holes.