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Multiplex real-time PCR Method for the detection and quantification of DNA from the four transgenic soy traits DP-356043-5, DP-305423-1, MON 87701, and BPS-CV127-9 and lectin

Köppel, René, Bucher, Thomas, Meuwly, Alain, Moor, Dominik
European food research & technology 2014 v.239 no.2 pp. 347-355
DNA, crops, lectins, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, soybeans, transgenic plants
According to the release of authorization, several new transgenic soy crops are expected to be present in the harvest of soy beans. In contrast to earlier times, methods for the detection of these transgenic crops are available already in advance. However, these methods are mainly still inefficient single real-time PCR methods. To increase the efficiency of product control, a multiplex quantitative real-time PCR system was developed and characterized for the four new transgenic soy traits DP-356043-5, DP-305423-1, MON 87701 and BPS-CV127-9. It showed amplification efficiency, correlation and sensitivity similar to the single PCR systems applied therein. To evaluate the robustness, an appropriate testing scheme was developed and applied for the first time on this multiplex real-time PCR system. It showed the robust amplification of all analytes also in case where conditions were varied. This system allows relative multiplex quantification and/or delta–delta Ct method quantification and proofed the applicability in routine.