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Application and recovery of ionic liquids in the preparative separation of four flavonoids from Rhodiola rosea by on‐line three‐dimensional liquid chromatography

Ma, Shufeng, Hu, Liming, Ma, Chaoyang, Lv, Wenping, Wang, Hongxin
Journal of separation science 2014 v.37 no.17 pp. 2314-2321
Rhodiola rosea, countercurrent chromatography, ionic liquids, kaempferol
A novel on‐line three‐dimensional liquid chromatography method was developed to separate four main flavonoids from Rhodiola rosea. Ethyl acetate/0.5 mol/L ionic liquid 1‐butyl‐3‐methylimidazolium chloride aqueous solution was selected as the solvent system. In the first‐dimension separation, the target flavonoids were entrapped and subsequently desorbed into the second‐dimension high‐speed countercurrent chromatographic column for separation. In the third‐dimension chromatography, the residual ionic liquid in the four separated flavonoids was removed and the used ionic liquid was recovered. As a result, 35.1 mg of compound 1, 20.4 mg of compound 2, 8.5 mg of compound 3, and 10.6 mg of compound 4 were obtained from 1.53 g R. rosea extract. They were identified as rhodiosin, rhodionin, herbacetin, and kaempferol, respectively. The recovery of ionic liquid reached 99.1% of the initial amount. The results showed that this method is a powerful technology for the separation of R. rosea flavonoids and that the ionic‐liquid‐based solvent system has advantages over traditional solvent systems in renewable and environmentally friendly properties.