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'Romval' and 'Casval' - one cultivar and one rootstock for sweet chestnut

Botu, M., Achim, Gh., Baciu, A., Alecu, A., Manthos, I.
Acta horticulturae 2014 no.1043 pp. 139-144
harvest date, seed germination, cultivars, orchards, flowering, hybrids, economics, testa, seedlings, trees, nuts, color, Castanea, rootstocks, roots, leaves, taste, Romania
Sweet chestnut has productive and economic potential as long as it grows in favorable ecological areas. Sweet chestnut can be found in Romania as coppices and to a lesser extent in organized orchards. Most of the trees are natural hybrids growing on their own roots while the variability present is quite remarkable. In order to promote chestnut use as a fruit crop, selection work has been taken into consideration. Local and introduced cultivars may enrich the assortment of cultivars to be grown in various areas of Romania. As a result of the selection work carried out by the University of Craiova – SCDP Valcea, one cultivar ('Romval') and one rootstock ('Casval') have been named. 'Romval' has high vigor, round crown and spread habitus. Flowering time is late and protandrous. The nut size is large (17-19 g), round, slightly asymmetrical and of blackish-brown color. The seed coat is non-adherent and the kernel is cream colored. The flesh has a pleasant and sweet taste. Nut harvesting time occurs until mid-October. 'Casval' is a seedling rootstock suitable for intensive orchards in suitable chestnut areas, but it can be used also as a cultivar. The tree is vigorous, with round crown and spread habitus. Flowering time is late and protandrous to homogamous. Fruit size is medium (10 g) and percentage of germination of seeds is 78.5%. Over 85% of the seedlings per hectare in the nursery are of standard size. When budding or grafting, the success rate is over 83%. It has good compatibility with Romanian and French cultivars and trees grafted onto this rootstock come into bearing nuts at the fourth leaf. Due to its white colored nuts and pleasant taste, it is also suitable for processing.