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Geographic distributions, host plants and biology of species in the genus Huequenia (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), with new records from Southwestern Argentina

Turienzo, Paola, Di Iorio, Osvaldo
Biologia 2014 v.69 no.9 pp. 1202-1209
Araucaria araucana, Cerambycidae, Pinus contorta, branches, cages, geographical distribution, host plants, larvae, new host records, rearing, summer, trees, winter, Argentina
Araucaria trees as host plants of the longhorned beetle Huequenia livida (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in Argentina are reviewed. Araucaria araucana is its natural host plant in SW Argentina, but the larvae also developed in dead branches of A. angustifolia and A. bidwillii (new host plant records), when both plants were kept in the same rearing cage with the natural host plant. Pinus contorta var. murrayana, also mentioned from Argentina, may be a recently adopted secondary host. A winter and a summer generation of H. livida was documented for the first time. Huequenia livida exceeds the actual natural distribution of A. araucana following the distribution of cultivated A. araucana and Pinus trees.