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A novel low-cost detection method for screening of arsenic in groundwater

Fontàs, Clàudia, Vera, Ruben, Batalla, Anna, Kolev, Spas D., Anticó, Enriqueta
Environmental science and pollution research international 2014 v.21 no.20 pp. 11682-11688
absorbance, arsenic, colorimetry, detection limit, groundwater, new methods, physiological transport, poly(vinyl chloride), screening, sodium chloride
In the present work, a novel and simple detection system for As inorganic species contained in groundwater is presented. To reach the required detection limit, the proposed methodology is based on two steps: first is the transport and preconcentration of the inorganic arsenic species using a polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) system and second is the formation of a coloured complex, the absorbance of which is measured. Different parameters related to the membrane composition and the transport kinetics have been studied, and it was found that membranes made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a polymer, and Aliquat 336 as a carrier, ensured efficient arsenic transport when the carrier content was at least 31 % (w/w). The implementation of the designed PIM in a special device that contained only 5 mL of the stripping solution (0.1 M NaCl) allowed As preconcentration from a 100-mL water sample, thus facilitating its detection with the colorimetric method. The new method developed here was validated, and its analytical figures of merit were determined, i.e. limit of detection of 4.5 μg L⁻¹ at 820 nm and a relative standard deviation within the range 8–10 %. Finally, the method was successfully applied to the analysis of different water samples from Catalonia region with naturally occurring As.