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Influence of kidney bean, field pea and amaranth protein isolates on the characteristics of starch‐based gluten‐free muffins

Shevkani, Khetan, Singh, Narpinder
International journal of food science & technology 2014 v.49 no.10 pp. 2237-2244
batters, cohesion, color, firmness, kidney beans, loss modulus, muffins, peas, protein isolates, viscoelasticity, wheat gluten
This study was undertaken to see the effect of kidney bean (KB), field pea (FP) and amaranth (AM) protein isolates on the viscoelasticity and gluten‐free muffin‐making properties of starch‐based batter. The characteristics of gluten‐free muffins were also compared to those prepared with wheat gluten (WG). The incorporation of different protein isolates enhanced batter viscoelasticity (increased storage and loss modulus and decreased tan δ) and resulted in muffins with higher specific volume, springiness and cohesiveness. Firmness of the muffins varied with the source of protein isolate. KB protein isolates resulted in firmer muffins compared to those made from FP, AM and WG. The crust colour became more reddish‐brown on incorporation of protein isolates, while crumb colour varied with the source of protein. Overall, the results revealed that KB, FP and AM protein isolates can be successfully used to prepare gluten‐free muffins with characteristics comparable to those made from wheat gluten.