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Heterocyclic Amines: 1. Kinetics of Formation of Polar and Nonpolar Heterocyclic Amines as a Function of Time and Temperature

Ahn, Juhee, Grün, Ingolf U.
Journal of food science 2005 v.70 no.2 pp. C173
beef, creatine, equations, glucose, heterocyclic amines, models, temperature
The influence of time, temperature, glucose, and creatine on the formation of heterocyclic amines (HAs) in beef was investigated. Kinetic models as a function of time and temperature were used to examine the formation of polar and nonpolar HAs, as described by Arrhenius and Eyring equations. The highest amount of MeIQx was 23.93 ng/g at 220°C for 20 min. However, no formation of 4,8‐DiMeIQx was observed at 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, and 220°C for 5 min. Norharman and 4,8‐DiMeIQx were more sensitive to temperature change, whereas MeIQx and AαC were less sensitive. The formation of HAs increased with increasing time and temperature. Glucose and creatine decreased at the same pattern with increasing time and temperature. The formation of HAs and the degradation of precursors were inversely correlated. The results provide valuable information toward modulating and inhibiting the formation of HAs in cooked meats.