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Combining Antimicrobial and Steam Treatments in a Vacuum‐packaging System to Control Listeria monocytogenes on Ready‐to‐eat Franks

Murphy, Rong Y., Hanson, R.E., Johnson, N.R., Scott, L.L., Feze, N., Chappa, K.
Journal of food science 2005 v.70 no.2 pp. M138
anti-infective agents, steam, packaging, Listeria monocytogenes
This study was to evaluate the effectiveness of steam or steam in combination with an antimicrobial agent to control Listeria monocytogenes on ready‐to‐eat (RTE) franks. The franks were surface‐inoculated to contain 6 or 3 log₁₀(colony‐forming units [CFU])/cm² of L. monocytogenes and treated with steam or steam in combination with an antimicrobial agent, immediately followed by vacuum‐sealing the top films of frank packages (6 franks per package in a single layer). Three log (CFU) /cm² of reductions were achieved at the both inoculation levels for L. monocytogenes on franks. At an inoculation level of 3 logs, no outgrowth of L. monocytogenes was obtained on the treated franks after storing at 4.4°C or 16°C for a combined 47 d. This study provided an alternative approach for controlling L. monocytogenes in packaged franks.