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A Bayesian Mixture Model for Partitioning Gene Expression Data

Zhou, Chuan, Wakefield, Jon
Biometrics 2006 v.62 no.2 pp. 515-525
Markov chain, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, algorithms, biometry, gene expression, genes, models
In recent years there has been great interest in making inference for gene expression data collected over time. In this article, we describe a Bayesian hierarchical mixture model for partitioning such data. While conventional approaches cluster the observed data, we assume a nonparametric, random walk model, and partition on the basis of the parameters of this model. The model is flexible and can be tuned to the specific context, respects the order of observations within each curve, acknowledges measurement error, and allows prior knowledge on parameters to be incorporated. The number of partitions may also be treated as unknown, and inferred from the data, in which case computation is carried out via a birth–death Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm. We first examine the behavior of the model on simulated data, along with a comparison with more conventional approaches, and then analyze meiotic expression data collected over time on fission yeast genes.