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Nitrogen removal from secondary effluent by using integrated constructed wetland system

Xiong, Jibing, Guo, Guangli, Mahmood, Qaisar, Yue, Min
Ecological engineering 2011 v.37 no.4 pp. 659-662
Coix, ammonium nitrogen, constructed wetlands, gravel, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrogen, peat, sand, slags, steel
The treatment capacity of an integrated constructed wetland system (CWS) that was designed to reduce nitrogen (N) from secondary effluent was explored. The integrated CWS consisted of vertical-flow constructed wetland, floating bed and sand filter. The vertical-flow wetland was filled with gravel, steel slag and peat from the bottom to the top. Vetiver zizanioides was selected to grow in the vertical-flow constructed wetland and Coix lacrymajobi L. was grown in the floating bed. The results showed that the integrated CWS displayed superior removal efficiency for nitrate nitrogen (NO₃ ⁻-N), ammonia nitrogen (NH₄ ⁺-N), nitrite nitrogen (NO₂ ⁻-N), and total nitrogen (TN). The average NO₃ ⁻-N, NO₂ ⁻-N, NH₄ ⁺-N and TN removal efficiencies of the integrated CWS were 98.83%, 95.60%, 98.05% and 92.41%, respectively, during the whole experimental operation. The integrated CWS may have a good potential for removing N from secondary effluent.