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A BAC transgenic Hes1-EGFP reporter reveals novel expression domains in mouse embryos

Klinck, Rasmus, Füchtbauer, Ernst-Martin, Ahnfelt-Rønne, Jonas, Serup, Palle, Jensen, Jan Nygaard, Jørgensen, Mette Christine
Gene expression patterns 2011 v.11 no.7 pp. 415-426
bacterial artificial chromosomes, digestive system, embryo (animal), embryogenesis, mice, organogenesis, reporter genes, stem cells, tissues, transgenic animals
Expression of the basic helix-loop-helix factor Hairy and Enhancer of Split-1 (Hes1) is required for normal development of a number of tissues during embryonic development. Depending on context, Hes1 may act as a Notch signalling effector which promotes the undifferentiated and proliferative state of progenitor cells, but increasing evidence also points to Notch independent regulation of Hes1 expression. Here we use high resolution confocal scanning of EGFP in a novel BAC transgenic mouse reporter line, Tg(Hes1-EGFP)¹ᴴʳⁱ, to analyse Hes1 expression from embryonic day 7.0 (e7.0). Our data recapitulates some previous observations on Hes1 expression and suggests new, hitherto unrecognised expression domains including expression in the definitive endoderm at early somite stages before gut tube closure and thus preceding organogenesis. This mouse line will be a valuable tool for studies addressing the role of Hes1 in a number of different research areas including organ specification, development and regeneration.