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A new HBMO algorithm for multiobjective daily Volt/Var control in distribution systems considering Distributed Generators

Niknam, Taher
Applied energy 2011 v.88 no.3 pp. 778-788
algorithms, business enterprises, electric generators, electricity, energy, energy costs, honey bees, resource management
In recent years, Distributed Generators (DGs) connected to the distribution network have received increasing attention. The connection of enormous DGs into existing distribution network changes the operation of distribution systems. Because of the small X/R ratio and radial structure of distribution systems, DGs affect the daily Volt/Var control. This paper presents a new algorithm for multiobjective daily Volt/Var control in distribution systems including Distributed Generators (DGs). The objectives are costs of energy generation by DGs and distribution companies, electrical energy losses and the voltage deviations for the next day. A new optimization algorithm based on a Chaotic Improved Honey Bee Mating Optimization (CIHBMO) is proposed to determine the active power values of DGs, reactive power values of capacitors and tap positions of transformers for the next day. Since objectives are not the same, a fuzzy system is used to calculate the best solution. The plausibility of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated and its performance is compared with other methods on a 69-bus distribution feeder. Simulation results illustrate that the proposed algorithm has better outperforms the other algorithms.