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A robust well-balanced finite volume model for shallow water flows with wetting and drying over irregular terrain

Song, Lixiang, Zhou, Jianzhong, Guo, Jun, Zou, Qiang, Liu, Yi
Advances in water resources 2011 v.34 no.7 pp. 915-932
drying, equations, friction, mathematical models, monitoring, topography, water resources
An unstructured Godunov-type finite volume model is developed for the numerical simulation of geometrically challenging two-dimensional shallow water flows with wetting and drying over convoluted topography. In the framework of sloping bottom model, a modified formulation of shallow water equations is used to preserve mass conservation during flooding and recession. The key ingredient of the model is the use of this combination of the sloping bottom model and the modified shallow water equations to provide a robust technique for wet/dry fronts tracking and, together with centered discretization of the bed slope source term, to exactly preserve the static flow on irregular topographies. The variable reconstruction technique ensures nonnegative reconstructed water depth and reasonable reconstructed velocity, and the friction terms are solved by semi-implicit scheme that does not invert the direction of velocity components. The robustness and accuracy of the proposed model are assessed by comparing numerical and reference results of extensive test cases. Moreover, the results of a dam-break flooding over real topography are presented to show the capability of the model on field-scale application.