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Assessing the total economic value of threatened livestock breeds in Italy: Implications for conservation policy

Zander, Kerstin K., Signorello, Giovanni, De Salvo, Maria, Gandini, Gustavo, Drucker, Adam G.
Ecological economics 2013 v.93 pp. 219-229
European Union, cattle breeds, economic valuation, farmers, grounds maintenance, issues and policy, livestock, markets, surveys, willingness to pay, Italy
The total economic value (TEV) of two threatened Italian cattle breeds (Modicana and Maremmana) was investigated using a choice experiment survey. Most respondents (85%) support breed conservation, their stated willingness-to-pay easily justifying EU support. The high landscape maintenance, existence and future option values of both breeds (around 80% of their TEVs) suggest that incentives mechanisms are indeed needed in order to allow farmers to capture some of these public good values and hence motivate them to undertake conservation-related activities. The positive direct use values of both breeds (around 20% of their TEVs) imply that niche product markets aimed at enhancing the private good values associated with conservation could also form elements of a conservation and use strategy for these breeds.