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Effects of Korean red ginseng extract on acute renal failure induced by gentamicin and pharmacokinetic changes by metformin in rats

Lee, Yu Kyung, Chin, Young-Won, Choi, Young Hee
Food and chemical toxicology 2013 v.59 pp. 153-159
Panax, antibiotic resistance, bacterial infections, combination drug therapy, diabetic complications, dietary supplements, drug interactions, gentamicin, kidneys, metformin, patients, pharmacokinetics, rats, renal failure, renal function
Korean red ginseng is one of the best selling dietary supplements and its individual constituents enhance renal function. Acute renal failure (ARF) is a predisposing complication of diabetes mellitus as a result of combination drug therapy. The combination of antibiotic–antidiabetic drugs can entail toxicities and drug interactions because of the antibiotic resistance in patients with severe bacterial infection. Currently, gentamicin–metformin combination therapy is commonly prescribed for treating bacterial infections and diabetes, even though both drugs are mainly excreted via the kidney. Thus, this study was designed to investigate whether a Korean red ginseng extract (KRG) prevents renal impairment and pharmacokinetic changes by metformin in rats with renal failure induced by gentamicin.The in vivo pharmacokinetics and in vitro hepatic/intestinal metabolism of metformin were assessed using control (CON), control with Korean red ginseng extract (KRG-CON), acute renal failure induced by gentamicin (ARF), and ARF with Korean red ginseng (KRG-ARF) rats.Pharmacokinetic changes of metformin did not occur in KRG-ARF rats because KRG reduce the renal accumulation of gentamicin compared to ARF rats. Thus, KRG seemed to prevent acute renal failure induced by gentamicin treatment.