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Distribution of perfluorochemicals between sera and milk from the same mothers and implications for prenatal and postnatal exposures

Kim, Seung-Kyu, Lee, Kyu Tae, Kang, Chang Seong, Tao, Lin, Kannan, Kurunthachalam, Kim, Kyung-Ryul, Kim, Chan-Kook, Lee, Jung Suk, Park, Pan Soo, Yoo, Yung Wook, Ha, Jeong Yi, Shin, Yong-Seung, Lee, Jong-Hyeon
Environmental pollution 2011 v.159 no.1 pp. 169-174
blood serum, breast milk, milk, mothers, perfluorocarbons, umbilical cord
The levels of six perfluorocarboxylates (PFCAs), four perfloroalkylsulfonates (PFASs), and one sulfonamide were measured in paired samples of maternal serum, umbilical cord serum, and breast milk. The maternal and cord sera were strongly correlated with each other for all measured compounds (r > 0.5 and p < 0.01). Nevertheless, there was a significant difference in compound composition profile between the two sera matrices, with a more depletion of the longer chain compounds in cord serum. The transfer efficiency values from maternal to cord serum (TFCS/MS) decreased by 70% with each increasing unit of –CF₂ chain within a PFCA group, and for perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS), by a half compared to perfluorooctanoate (PFOA). In contrast to the strong correlation in concentrations between the two sera matrices, the pattern of compounds in breast milk differed considerably with those in sera. Accordingly, compound- and matrix-specific transfer must be considered when assessing prenatal and postnatal exposure.