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Distributions, sources and pollution status of 17 trace metal/metalloids in the street dust of a heavily industrialized city of central China

Li, Zhonggen, Feng, Xinbin, Li, Guanghui, Bi, Xiangyang, Zhu, Jianming, Qin, Haibo, Dai, Zhihui, Liu, Jinling, Li, Qiuhua, Sun, Guangyi
Environmental pollution 2013 v.182 pp. 408-416
alloys, arsenic, atmospheric deposition, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, heavy metals, industrialization, lead, manufacturing, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, pollution, traffic, zinc, China
A series of representative street dust samples were collected from a heavily industrialized city, Zhuzhou, in central China, with the aim to investigate the spatial distribution and pollution status of 17 trace metal/metalloid elements. Concentrations of twelve elements (Pb, Zn, Cu, Cd, Hg, As, Sb, In, Bi, Tl, Ag and Ga) were distinctly amplified by atmospheric deposition resulting from a large scale Pb/Zn smelter located in the northwest fringe of the city, and followed a declining trend towards the city center. Three metals (W, Mo and Co) were enriched in samples very close to a hard alloy manufacturing plant, while Ni and Cr appeared to derive predominantly from natural sources. Other industries and traffic had neglectable effects on the accumulation of observed elements. Cd, In, Zn, Ag and Pb were the five metal/metalloids with highest pollution levels and the northwestern part of city is especially affected by heavy metal pollution.