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An enhanced bioavailable formulation of curcumin using fenugreek-derived soluble dietary fibre

IM, Krishnakumar, Ravi, Abhilash, Kumar, Dinesh, Kuttan, Ramadasan, Maliakel, Balu
Journal of functional foods 2012 v.4 no.1 pp. 348-357
absorption, bioavailability, curcumin, dietary fiber, dispersions, fenugreek, galactomannans, gels, humans, intestinal absorption, pH, particle size, rats, soluble fiber, turmeric, ultrasonics, volunteers
Poor intestinal absorption has been regarded as a major limiting factor for the therapeutic use of curcumin, the primary active constituent of turmeric. Herein, we investigated the bioavailability of a novel formulation of curcumin-impregnated soluble dietary fibre dispersions (BR213 curcumagalactomannosides) comprising an extensive gel forming and non-digestible soluble galactomannan fibre derived from the spice fenugreek. The dispersions were prepared as microgranulates of mean particle size 150±20μm by an ultrasound mediated gel-phase dispersion technique. In vitro release studies at pH 1.2 and 6.8 showed slow and prolonged release of colloidal curcumin from the amorphous microgranulates of curcumin-impregnated soluble fibre. Enhanced bioavailability of the new formulation was further demonstrated in animals (Wistar rats) and human volunteers in comparison with unformulated curcumin. It was observed that the relative absorption of curcumin from the novel fibre formulation, as evident from the area under curve calculations, was 20 times higher in animals and 15.8 times higher in humans when supplemented orally. Maximum absorption was also found to be prolonged as compared to the unformulated curcumin.