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Development of Akt-activated GSK3β inhibitory peptide

Kim, Jin-Sik, Piao, Shunfu, Lee, Eunjin, Yoon, Bo-Young, Moon, Hyung Ryong, Lee, Jaewon, Jung, Yunjin, Ha, Nam-Chul
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2013 v.434 pp. 735-739
adverse effects, drugs, insulin, insulin resistance, noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, tau-protein kinase
Abnormal overexpression of GSK3β has been implicated in insulin resistance. Although many potent GSK3β inhibitors have been developed as drug candidates for anti-insulin resistance, the inhibitors are prone to show side effects because they interfere with normal GSK3β function without regulation. Recently, it was reported that the PPPSPxS motifs in the Wnt coreceptor LRP6 were able to directly inhibit GSK3β only when the motif was phosphorylated. Here, we generated a new GSK3β inhibitory peptide that can be activated by Akt by combining the PPPSPxS motif and an Akt target sequence. The peptide exhibited an inhibitory effect on GSK3β only when it was phosphorylated by Akt in a purified system and in cells when stimulated by insulin. Thus, our findings provide a novel concept for drugs against diseases that are involved in the abnormal GSK3β activity, including type 2 diabetes mellitus.