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A brain-targeted rabies virus glycoprotein-disulfide linked PEI nanocarrier for delivery of neurogenic microRNA

Hwang, Do Won, Son, Sejin, Jang, Jaeho, Youn, Hyewon, Lee, Song, Lee, Duhwan, Lee, Yun-Sang, Jeong, Jae Min, Kim, Won Jong, Lee, Dong Soo
Biomaterials 2011 v.32 no.21 pp. 4968-4975
Rabies virus, acetylcholine, blood-brain barrier, brain, caudal vein, dose response, electrostatic interactions, gene therapy, glycoproteins, mannitol, mice, microRNA, nanocarriers, nanoparticles, nervous system diseases, neurons, polymers, toxicity, transfection
Recent advances in efficient microRNA (miRNA) delivery techniques using brain-targeted nanoparticles offer critical information for understanding the functional role of miRNAs in vivo, and for supporting targeted gene therapy in terms of treating miRNA-associated neurological diseases. Here, we report the rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG)-labeled non-toxic SSPEI nanomaterials capable of neuron-specific miR-124a delivery to neuron in vivo. The RVG-labeled BPEI-SS (RVG-SSPEI) nanocarrier showed less toxicity in acetylcholine receptor-positive Neuro2a cells, and electrostatic interaction of RVG-SSPEI with miR-124a exhibited optimal transfection efficacy. The RVG-SSPEI polymer specifically targeted Neuro2a using cy5.5-miR-124a mixed with RVG-SSPEI. The functional action of miR-124a oligomers released from polyplexes in the cytoplasmic region was evaluated by a reporter vector containing a miR-124a -binding sequence, and showed a significantly reduced reporter signal in a dose-dependent manner. Cy5.5-miR-124a/RVG-SSPEI- injected into mice via tail veins displayed the enhanced accumulation of miR-124a in the isolated brain. Hindrance of the efficient penetration of neuronal cells by size limitation of the miR-124a/RVG-SSPEI improved with the help of mannitol through blood-brain barrier disruption. These findings indicated that the RVG peptide combined with mannitol infusion using SSPEI polymer for neuron-specific targeting in vivo is sufficient to deliver neurogenic microRNA into the brain.