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Characterization of Class 1 Integron Gene Cassettes among Clinical Bacteria Isolated from One Large Hospital in Northern China

CHEN, Xia, LI, Gui Xi, ZHANG, Hong, YUAN, Min, HOU, Xiao Ping, YU, Hui Lan, LI, Juan
Biomedical and environmental sciences 2013 v.26 no.12 pp. 1003-1007
Gram-negative bacteria, genes, genetic variation, hospitals, multiple drug resistance, phenotype, China
The class 1 integron and complex gene cassettes among different species of clinical isolates in northern China were characterized in this study. 383 clinical isolates were obtained from northern China, and class 1 integrons containing gene cassettes widely distributed among gram negative clinical isolates was observed. We find that the class 1 integron showed positive correlation with multidrug resistance phenotype of gram negative bacteria. In addition, we find that isolates belonged to one species harbored different types of gene cassette arrays, while same types of gene cassette arrays were observed in different species of isolates. The diversity of gene cassette arrays among the isolates indicated the complexity of multidrug resistance in clinical isolates in northern China.