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An innovative miniature microbial fuel cell fabricated using photolithography

Chen, You-Peng, Zhao, Yue, Qiu, Ke-Qiang, Chu, Jian, Lu, Rui, Sun, Min, Liu, Xian-Wei, Sheng, Guo-Ping, Yu, Han-Qing, Chen, Jie, Li, Wen-Jie, Liu, Gang, Tian, Yang-Chao, Xiong, Ying
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2011 v.26 no.6 pp. 2841-2846
Shewanella oneidensis, biofilm, biosensors, electrochemistry, electrodes, energy, gold, microbial fuel cells
Recently microbial fuel cells (MFCs) have attracted increasing interests in both environmental and energy fields. Among the various MFC configurations, miniature microbial fuel cell (mini-MFC) has a great potential for the application in medical, communication and other areas because of its miniature volume and high output power density. In this work, a 25-μL single-chamber mini-MFC was fabricated using the photolithography technique. The plate-shaped gold anodic electrode in the mini-MFC showed a higher electrochemical activity than the stripe-shaped one. A biofilm of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 was formed on the surface of gold electrode in this micro-liter-scale MFCs. As a result, a maximum power density of 29mW/m² and a maximum current density of 2148mA/m² were achieved by this single-chamber mini-MFC.