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Anisotropic carbon nanotube papers fabricated from multiwalled carbon nanotube webs

Inoue, Yoku, Suzuki, Yusuke, Minami, Yoshitaka, Muramatsu, Junichi, Shimamura, Yoshinobu, Suzuki, Katsunori, Ghemes, Adrian, Okada, Morihiro, Sakakibara, Shingo, Mimura, Hidenori, Naito, Kimiyoshi
Carbon 2011 v.49 no.7 pp. 2437-2443
carbon, carbon nanotubes, paper, tensile strength, thermal conductivity, van der Waals forces, world wide web
We fabricated large-scale anisotropic carbon nanotube (CNT) paper sheets by stacking long-lasting multiwalled CNT (MWCNT) webs without using binder materials. The MWCNTs are highly aligned in the webs and they retain their alignment in the fabricated paper. Although MWCNTs are just connected by van der Waals force, tensile strength is as strong as 75.6MPa. In addition, resistivity and thermal conductivity is as good as 2.5×10⁻³Ωcm and 70W/mK, respectively. The present high anisotropy ratios of 7.3 in resistivity and of 8.1 in thermal conductivity are due to the high alignment of the ultra-long MWCNTs which have lengths of millimeters. High-speed web drawing with a draw speed of over 10m/s enables very rapid fabrication. The material properties of CNT structures can be measured by conventional methods for macroscopic samples rather than methods designed for nanomaterials. CNT web technology will enable CNTs to be used in new applications.