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The influence of the legal and economical environment and the profile of activities on the optimal design features of a natural-gas-fired combined heat and power plant

Kotowicz, Janusz, Bartela, Łukasz
Energy 2011 v.36 no.1 pp. 328-338
electricity, energy, energy costs, equipment design, heat production, laws and regulations, natural gas, power plants, prices
The paper deals with the effect of some selected quantities occurring in the legal and economical environment on the optimal values of some selected design quantities of a natural-gas-fired CHP plant. This trend of investigations results from the newly observed legal changes in the legislation concerning new forms of mechanisms supporting the combined production of electricity and heat. Special stress was exerted on changes resulting from the formulation of two directives, viz. 2003/7/EC and 2004/8/EC. For the purpose of realising this task, a reference structure of a CHP plant was selected. For the steam-water part of the plant thirteen quantities were selected, determining the design features of the most essential components of this part of the system. These quantities served as decision variables in processes of optimisation. As the objective function the break-even price of electricity was assumed. The second part of the paper presents the results of sensitivity analyses of the fundamental indices of the energy and economical effectiveness to failures in the adherence of the optimal values of the respective design quantities, as well as the results of investigations on the effect of the operation time of the plant in the course of one year.