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Technological challenges for industrial development of hydrogen production based on methane cracking

Abánades, A., Rubbia, C., Salmieri, D.
Energy 2012 v.46 no.1 pp. 359-363
carbon dioxide, developing countries, energy, fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen, hydrogen production, industrialization, methane
The world energy demand is foreseen to increase due to the improvements of the living standard in the developing countries and to the development of the global economy. The increase in sustainability of the energy supply must be considered as a must to avoid spoiling the natural resources, whose availability will be crucial for next generations. The CO₂-free utilization of available energy sources is one of the ways to attain such objectives. Innovative solutions should be put into practice for the CO₂-free exploitation of the huge fossil fuel resources already available. In this paper we explore the possibility to enlarge the fossil fuel availability without CO₂ emissions by the analysis of the technological options to obtain Hydrogen as energy carrier from hydrocarbon decarburation, mainly methane. A brief analysis of those options and a discussion about their state-of-the-art will be done, to establish their potential and the R&D required to assess their practical implementation in a medium term.