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Multi-objective energy management of CHP (combined heat and power)-based micro-grid

Motevasel, Mehdi, Seifi, Ali Reza, Niknam, Taher
Energy 2013 v.51 pp. 123-136
algorithms, analytical methods, energy, energy resources, heat, mathematical models, operating costs
In this paper, an IEMS (intelligent energy management system) is proposed for optimal operation of a CHP-based micro-grid over a 24-hour time interval. The IEMS aims to find the optimal set points of DERs (distributed energy resources) and thermal and electrical storage systems, in such a way that the total operation cost and the net emission are minimized, simultaneously. For optimal operation of the micro-grid, a smart ESS (energy storage system) is introduced which consists of electrical and thermal storage systems. A comprehensive mathematical model for the ESS and also the economic and environmental objective functions are formulated. To solve the problem, we propose an efficient MBFO (modified Bacterial Foraging Optimization) algorithm. An interactive fuzzy satisfying method is also used to simulate the trade-off between conflicting objectives (cost and emission). To validate the performance of the proposed algorithm, we compare the MBFO algorithm with some other previously proposed analytical methods. Finally, the proposed IEMS is applied to a micro-grid which consists of various DERs, CHP (combined heat and power) system, ESS and thermal and electrical loads. The results show that the proposed IEMS can smartly cover the total electrical and thermal load demands with respect to economic and environmental criteria.